Sadhna TV

Satellite TV Channel – “Sadhna TV” – is a socio-spiritual effort towards sanctity. This is for the first time in India that a satellite channel makes all efforts to bring social and spiritual leaders on single platform. Hence, this focuses on socio-spiritual aspect in today’s environment.

This unique Satellite TV Channel was launched on 18th April, 2003. Our main area of concern for the channel remains to highlight the spiritual wealth of our Hindu Culture and Heritage since we own the responsibility towards masses especially contemporary generation to introduce them to the customs and values revered most on our great motherland since ages. Besides, this channel comprises of wide range of programmes quite diverse in nature laying equal stress on all social, political, business, entertainment and current affairs related issues.

Contents of Sadhna TV

Technical Details of Sadhna TV

DTH Platforms

TATA (#191)
DISH TV (#756)
AIRTEL (#685)
DD Direct Plus (#32)