Sadhna Plus

After grand success of socio spiritual channel, Sadhna TV, the group launched Sadhna news Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh, Bihar / Jharkhand, U.P. / Uttrakhand / Himachal Pradesh last year. With a well-knit network of OB Vans, VSATs, stringers and reporters, Sadhna news has become a daily household name in the respective regions. Sadhna news MP/CG has recorded remarkable TRP ratings in past many weeks and has become the Number 1 channel, beating other competitors in that region.

Sadhna News , with its innovative news content and razor sharp focused editorial coverage, continues to retain its formidable leadership status even till today. It is the preferred news channel of the young and old in the regions and has captivated a larger channel share in short span of time.

The group has already set up a team of experienced and reputed TV professionals to take on news. The channel endeavours to extensively cover the political, social and economic happenings of the concerned states along with excellent current affairs programmes and entertainment. With a vision to bring the "Authenticity in the news", the channel is showing best of the best content and information, touching the chords of local people of the area.